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Ask the Library: Office Consultations

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Record statistics for Office Consultations in RefAnalytics.

Use the Internal Note field to record additional data using the following format:

  1. Course Number or Abbreviated Department Code
  2. UD Status (Graduate, ELI, Faculty, etc)
  3. Number of Attendees A brief description can be used if the attendee is not UD-affiliated or associated with a particular Department, such as "Young African Fellow" or "Fulbright Scholar"
    Examples: "ENGL110, Undergraduate, 1" | "Young African Fellows, 2" | "BUAD, Faculty, 2" | "Newark Resident, 1"

Screenshot: Office Consultations

Subject Librarian

Rebecca Knight's picture
Rebecca Knight
Associate librarian
Reference and Instructional Services Department
Morris Library, Room 117H

Subjects: U.S. Government Information,
Delaware, census, family studies, RefWorks, APA style, and genealogy.

B.A., History. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 1973.
M.S., Library Science. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 1981.

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