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Delaware Historical Maps: Historical Delaware Maps

Printed and digitized maps and related resources for the State of Delaware.

Historical Maps in the U.S. Serial Set

The United States Congressional Serial Set Map Index contains a wide variety of maps on topics as predictable as Armed Forces and Conflicts or  Discovery and Exploration to those as unexpected as the Almshouses and Asylums. You can find for example the map titled "Boston in 1880, showing societies (secret and benefit), hospitals, asylums and homes." Maps included date to before 1799.  For example if you were studing the Roman Empire  you might find interesting a map of the "Main road system of the Roman Empire as shown by the Itinerary of Antonine (A.D. 150) and the Itinerary to Jerusalem (A.D. 333). From Parthey and Pinder."


U.S. Congressional Serial Set Map Index help screens provide assistance in searching for maps.

Gazetters & Place Names Online

Guides to Using Maps

Large Format Printing

Anyone wishing to take an online map into the field should consider printing a copy.  Commercial providers, such as FexEx Office, offer large format printing services in person and online.  University of Delaware users may consider two on campus locations for printing large format materials. 

Atlases & Maps

A listing of printed materials available for use in the Library.

Scanned Historical Maps

Links to pages which offer scanned printed maps of Delaware. Current and archived PDF Delaware topographic maps (from DataMIL) are linked from the State Maps & Data guide.


From: D.G. Beers, Atlas of the State of Delaware, 1868. University of Delaware Library Digital Collection.

The Wedge and the Delaware Divide

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