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Delaware Historical Maps


Checklist taken from Fire Insurance Maps in the Library of Congress: Plans of North American Cities and Towns Produced by the Sanborn Map Company: A Checklist by Library of Congress (1981).

* is the date of the most recent pasted corrections to an original map set (generally the first date provided).

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Published for Delaware

City County Dates
Bellefonte New Castle July 1936
Bellefonte New Castle July 1936-Oct. 1944*
Bridgeville Sussex Jan. 1912
Bridgeville Sussex Aug. 1923
Bridgeville Sussex Aug. 1923-Nov. 1942*
Camden Kent Aug. 1897
Camden Kent Sept. 1904
Camden Kent Mar. 1910
Camden Kent July 1919
Camden Kent Aug. 1929
Camden Kent Aug. 1929-Apr. 1938*
Claymont New Castle Aug. 1927
Clayton Kent Sept. 1897
Clayton Kent Sept. 1904
Clayton Kent Feb. 1910
Clayton Kent July 1923
Clayton Kent July 1923-Aug. 1940*
Delaware City New Castle Mar. 1885
Delaware City New Castle Sept. 1891
Delaware City New Castle Aug. 1904
Delaware City New Castle Jan. 1910
Delaware City New Castle Aug. 1923
Delaware City New Castle Aug. 1923*
Delmar Sussex Dec. 1904
Delmar Sussex Jan. 1911
Delmar Sussex July 1923
Delmar Sussex Jan. 1931
Delmar Sussex Jan. 1931-Aug. 1939*
Dover Kent Apr. 1885
Dover Kent Aug. 1891
Dover Kent Aug. 1897
Dover Kent Sept. 1904
Dover Kent Mar. 1910
Dover Kent June 1919
Dover Kent Aug. 1929
Dover Kent Aug. 1929-June 1950*
Felton Kent Sept. 1919
Felton Kent Sept. 1919*
Frederica Kent May 1885
Frederica Kent July 1891
Frederica Kent Aug. 1897
Frederica Kent Sept. 1904
Frederica Kent May 1910
Frederica Kent July 1919
Frederica Kent July 1919*
Georgetown Sussex May 1885
Georgetown Sussex July 1891
Georgetown Sussex July 1897
Georgetown Sussex Oct. 1904
Georgetown Sussex June 1910
Georgetown Sussex Oct. 1919
Georgetown Sussex Apr. 1930
Georgetown Sussex Apr. 1930-Sept. 1939*
Greenwood Sussex Sept. 1929
Greenwood Sussex Sept. 1929*
Harrington Kent May 1885
Harrington Kent June 1891
Harrington Kent Sept. 1897
Harrington Kent Sept. 1904
Harrington Kent Apr. 1910
Harrington Kent Aug. 1919
Harrington Kent Aug. 1931
Harrington Kent Aug. 1931-Aug. 1940*
Laurel Sussex May 1885
Laurel Sussex June 1891
Laurel Sussex July 1897
Laurel Sussex June 1901
Laurel Sussex June 1907
Laurel Sussex Oct. 1912
Laurel Sussex Oct. 1922
Laurel Sussex July 1931
Laurel Sussex July 1931-Sept. 1945*
Lewes Sussex June 1891
Lewes Sussex July 1897
Lewes Sussex Oct. 1904
Lewes Sussex July 1910
Lewes Sussex Oct. 1922
Lewes Sussex Jan. 1931
Lewes Sussex Jan. 1931-Oct. 1945
Middletown New Castle Aug. 1884
Middletown New Castle Sept. 1891
Middletown New Castle Sept. 1904
Middletown New Castle Feb. 1910
Middletown New Castle Mar. 1922
Middletown New Castle Mar. 1932
Middletown New Castle Mar. 1932-Aug. 1942*
Milford Kent/Sussex May 1885
Milford Kent/Sussex July 1891
Milford Kent/Sussex July 1897
Milford Kent/Sussex Sept. 1904
Milford Kent/Sussex May 1910
Milford Kent/Sussex Nov. 1919
Milford Kent/Sussex Feb. 1930
Milford Kent/Sussex Feb. 1930-Oct. 1943*
Millsboro Sussex Sept. 1929
Millsboro Sussex Sept. 1929*
Milton Sussex July 1911
Milton Sussex July 1923
Milton Sussex July 1923-Aug. 1937*
New Castle New Castle Mar. 1885
New Castle New Castle Sept. 1891
New Castle New Castle July 1901
New Castle New Castle Oct. 1907
New Castle New Castle July 1912
New Castle New Castle Aug. 1923
New Castle New Castle Aug. 1923-Aug. 1943*
Newark New Castle Sept. 1891
Newark New Castle June 1907
Newark New Castle May 1915
Newark New Castle Sept. 1922
Newark New Castle July 1929
Newark New Castle July 1929-July 1949*
Newport New Castle June 1921
Newport New Castle Sept. 1927
Newport New Castle Sept. 1937
Newport New Castle Sept. 1937-Nov. 1942*
Newport New Castle New and additional sheets
Seaford Sussex May 1885
Seaford Sussex May 1891
Seaford Sussex July 1897
Seaford Sussex Dec. 1904
Seaford Sussex Dec. 1910
Seaford Sussex July 1923
Seaford Sussex Jan. 1931
Seaford Sussex Jan. 1931-Aug. 1948*
Selbyville Sussex Feb. 1932
Selbyville Sussex Feb. 1932*
Selbyville Sussex Mar. 1958
Smyrna Kent Apr. 1885
Smyrna Kent Aug. 1891
Smyrna Kent Oct. 1908
Smyrna Kent Aug. 1915
Smyrna Kent Aug. 1923
Smyrna Kent Aug. 1930
Smyrna Kent Aug. 1930-Aug. 1940*
Wilmington New Castle 1884
Wilmington New Castle 1901
Wilmington New Castle 1927
Wilmington New Castle 1927-Feb. 1951*
Wilmington New Castle New and additional sheets