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Associate in Arts Research Toolkit

A collection of research tutorials for Associate in Arts students

Welcome to the Associate in Arts Research Toolkit

As a college student, you will be asked to read scholarly sources in classes and find them for research projects. These types of sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as book chapters and books written by professors. Scholarly sources often feel unfamiliar and intimidating! They are lengthy and complex, and they usually have to be accessed through library resources, rather than more familiar search tools like Google. 

This toolkit provides quick tutorials that will help you find and decipher scholarly sources. The tutorials address questions such as:

  • How is scholarship vetted and produced?
  • How do scholars interact with each others’ research?
  • What are the common features of scholarly journal articles, and how can recognizing these make your reading process easier?
  • As a UD student, how can you find and access scholarly sources like peer-reviewed articles and books? 

When you have questions about research or library resources, use Ask the Library or contact Lauren Wallis, the librarian for Associate in Arts.