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East Asian Gateway Service

The East Asian Gateway Service (EAGS), which was established with funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Service, is a transcontinental interlibrary loan partnership.

The EAGS, administered by the East Asian Library at the University of Pittsburg, focuses on free delivery of full-text Chinese and Korean language academic publications to researchers. The EAGS delivers Chinese documents to any individual researcher for research and teaching purposes or non-profit organizations who cannot find the needed item in any U.S. libraries. However, the service for Korean documents offers delivery to the University of Pittsburgh faculty and students only.

Tips & Tricks for Searching for Articles

Finding articles within databases and journals is not the same process you would use to conduct a search in Google or an internet search engine. You cannot type in a question, but rather need to choose specific keywords and phrases to find results. These tips are similar to how you would search for material in DELCAT Discovery. 

Helpful Ways to Search: 

  • Use quotations around a phrase to "tell" the database or journal that you want these words to remain together.
    • Ex: "American exceptionalism" 
  • Think of synonyms to your keywords...Especially when conducting historical research, you may need to develop words and phrases that were used during that particular time period, rather than modern-day words.
    • Ex: World War I; First World War; The Great War - All would give you different results! 
  • Use AND/OR to connect words, concepts, and phrases together to receive specified results.
    • Ex: World War I AND United States

Use the Advanced Search option in databases and journals to narrow down by date, region, type of document, and more!