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Multimedia Literacy: Audio


Note: Audacity is currently NOT SUPPORTED by MacOS Catalina; it will not let you record audio. If you are running Catalina, we recommend you use Audacity on the SMDC computers or Garageband on your macbook. You can find a workaround to allow Audacity to record in Catalina here. [November 2019].

Audacity IconAudacity is a free, cross-platform audio recording and editing software.

Please refer to this handout to learn the basics:

Creating a Podcast in Audacity [PDF]

If you need to install Audacity on your computer, please refer to this guide:

Podcasting Resources [GoogleDoc]

If you are working with m4a files (from phone or Zoom), you will need to download the FFmpeg library. Use this link to download.


garagebandGarageband is a Mac only, free audio recording and editing software. It is different from Audacity in that it is more centered around creating music with free loops and software instruments built-in. However, it can be used for creating podcasts, and audio essays as well.