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Book Resources: Binding, Buying and Selling, Conservation, & Book Donations

Donations of books to the Library and suggestions of other organizations that accept donations.

University of Delaware Library

The University of Delaware Library accepts a limited number of books and other materials that support the instructional and research programs of the University and that meet the criteria in the University of Delaware Library Gifts of Library Materials Policy. See the policy for detailed information.

Local Organizations Accepting Used Books

Goodwill Industries
230 E. Main Street
College Square Shopping Center
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 453-1430
See the Good Will of Delaware website for more information and for other sites in Delaware.

Salvation Army
400 N Orange St,
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 472-0700

Local Libraries
Some public libraries and school libraries accept donations of books, magazines, and other materials. See List of Libraries (Delaware Library Catalog)

National & International Organizations Accepting Used Books


Companies are listed here to provide options for people to explore. Endorsement is not implied.

Internet search: donating yearbooks