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African Studies

The Research Process

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The process of conducting research is supposed to spark curiosity and set you on a path of exploration. Research is not a linear process. It requires a constant evaluation of your sources, rethinking what search terms to use, and thinking beyond your discipline.

Steps for the Research Process:

1. Think of an idea or topic that interests you or an area you would like to explore more. 

2. Develop a research question or idea you want to explore -- Example: How did American culture, practices, and beliefs influence territorial occupations?

3. Conduct background research in Google or Credo to find common phrases, events, or words.

4. Develop keywords. Think about how you can narrow and focus your research question. My example question is a tad broad...How can I narrow it down? -- Example: Public Health Policies AND South Africa

5. Begin searching for sources (See additional tabs).

6. By analyzing your sources, what argument or thesis statement can you create to help answer your initial question? 

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