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How do I...?

Renew my books

  1. Sign in to your account in DELCAT:


  1. Click on your account profile and select My Loans:


  1. Select one of the renewal options on your Loans page:


  1. Items that are not eligible for renewal will display an error message:

Please see our Borrowing Policies page for more information.

Contact the Help Center with questions about borrowing and renewing.

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View the full text of an article

  1. Once you have a results list, choose the Available Online filter under Show Only and Articles filter under Resource Type:


  1. Once you have identified the article needed, click on the one of the access options at the bottom of the brief record.  Various factors will determine which access options will be available. 


  1. By clicking Get PDF or Read Online, you will be taken directly to the article.  If you click Available Online, you will be taken to the View Online section of the article's full record where you can choose which journal or platform to access the article from:


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Share a record

  1. In the record that displays in the brief list of results, click on the menu options in the right hand corner of the record (the three horizontal dots) to display a list of options at the bottom of the record:


  1. By choosing Permalink, a permanent link to the record will display so that the link can be copied:

  1. By choosing Email, the option for emailing the record will display:

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Create and share lists

To create a list, you'll need to make sure you are signed in to your library account. 

  1. To sign in, go to Sign in in DELCAT:


  1. Once you are signed in to DELCAT, perform a search for the needed resources.  Once you have a list of brief results, you can click the pin icon on each individual record that is needed:

If you would like to select multiple items in a list of brief record results, you can do so, by selecting the checkbox for each record and then clicking the pin icon at the top of the list:


  1. These items have now been added to your My Favorites.  To add these items to a list, click on the pin next to Sign in:


  1. Your My Favorites page will then display.  Click the items to be included in the list and click Add Labels at the top of the screen:


  1. Choose a label name:


  1. Once you've entered the label name and hit Return, the label name will be assigned to any of the items that were checked:


  1. To send the list, confirm that all of the items to be sent are checked.  If you are sending a list at a later time, click on the label for the list to bring up just items on that list and then select all of the items on the list.



  1. Once the items are selected, click on the actions menu (the three horizontal dots) at the top of the screen and choose Email from the list of options:


  1. Enter an email address and a note if needed and then click Send:

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Export references/citations into a citation manager or copy a citation


Options for exporting a citation are available in the resource's brief or full record. 

  1. To access these options via the brief record, click on the menu options (the three horizontal dots) in the right hand corner of the brief record:


  1. A number of options will then display:


  1. Choose Export RIS to download a .ris file.  Choose EndNote or RefWorks to export to those products.


  1. The citation may be copied by clicking on Citation:



These options (the Send to section) also display when the full record is displayed:

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