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Digital Scholarship_archived: Conferences & Events

DH in the Region

Digital Humanities in Philly and Delaware Valley Google Group

Let us know about any local DH talks or events!

Conferences and Training


DH @ UD Past Events

April 26-27, 2013: "Creating Digital Editions with TEI"
Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman


March 22, 2013: "DH in the Classroom: Tools, Tips and Tricks"
Dr. Constance Crompton


March 6, 2013: "Copyright and the Digital Humanities"


February 20, 2013: "iPad Shakespeares"
Kathy Rowe and Kristin Poole


February 15, 2013: Getting DH "on the Map" (Google Doc)
Ben Mearns and Shelly McCoy


November 30th, 2012: Getting Started with Digital Humanities Tools
Nico Carver and Hannah Lee


November 14, 2012: "“Measuring the Impact of the Digital for the Humanities: The Possibilities of a Balanced Value Model"
Simon Tanner


November 7, 2012: "Teaching (Design) Thinking” "
Jeffrey Schnapp