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High Technology Entrepreneurship Project

International Markets, Country Reports and Country Risk Assessments


  1. Euromonitor Passport 
  2. Statista (From Report Tab, Select countries and Regions)
  3. Country Commercial Guide  (provides information on important country specific issues about doing business)
  4. Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic)
  5. OECD iLibrary  
  6. Global Agriculture Information Neywork (GAIN) AgWorld
  7. STAT-USA  Links to Sources (look at Globus/NTDB).  (**Links to this site were last updated in 2010, may still find useful links) 
  8. World bank Doing Business Series (Discontinued, but historical data 2004 - 2020 available) 

Patents Information

Patent information provided by the University of Delaware Library.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provide public access to the USPTO Patent Database. The USPTO Patent Full-Text Databases covers U.S. patents issued from 1790 to the present, with images, and published Patent Applications. Patents issued before 1976 are only searchable by patent number and current U.S. classification.

Visit UD Library Research Guide: Patents 

For Patent questions, contact the Patent Librarian, Thomas Melvin @ (302) 831-6230; Email: