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CHEM111H: General Chemistry (Honors) (Compton)

Search DELCAT Discovery

Tips for Searching DELCAT

Basic Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases

"climate change"

  • Make use of Boolean logic connectors (AND, OR).

climate change OR global warming
chemistry AND "climate change"

  • Items at UD appear first in the list of search results. TIP: Use the options in the left column to filter the results. For example, checking eBook under Format will show only eBooks.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Combine and group terms with Boolean logic connectors

chemistry AND ("climate change" OR "global warming")

  • Type au:, su: or ti: before your keywords to specify author, subject or title words.

au:hannah, lee jay
su:Environmental chemistry

  • Type ti= if you know the exact title.

ti=The encyclopedia of global warming science and technology
NOTE: A title search may identify items that have matching words in their chapter titles or contents lists.

See Searching WorldCat: Index Quick Reference for other options.