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Constitution Day 2018

What is Constitution Day?

Beginning portion of the Constitution with the American flag in the background


"Constitution Day and Citizenship Day" is observed every year on September 17. This observance is established by federal law to commemorate September 17, 1787, the date of the signing of the United States Constitution by members of the Constitutional Congress.

The Honorable Lisa Blunt Rochester, Representative from the State of Delaware address UD on Constitution Day

U. S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester delivered the eighth annual James R. Soles Lecture on the Constitution and Citizenship on Constitution Day: Monday, September 17, 2018, in Gore Recital Hall in the Roselle Center for the Arts.  

Lisa Blunt Rochester official photo

U. S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester

The Documents

Image of Constitution and the bottom signature section

Detail of the Constitution showing the signatures. National Archives.

Encyclopedias and Analyses

Constitutional Issue Resources