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Graphic Design

Research Poster Design

Dos and Don'ts of Designing a Research Poster by University of Guleph Library is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 international license.

Tips for Designing Academic Posters

  • Organize content into clearly labelled sections
  • Focus on key message for each section
  • Represent your research with tables, charts and pictures- the less text, the better!
  • Pick a color scheme
  • Maximize contrast between text and background
  • Use tools such as zoom and guides to align your content for a professional look.
  • Reduce text with bullet points
  • Use at least 18 pt font for body text.
  • Use high resolution images (aim for at least 300 pixels per inch)
  • Make sure you have proper permission to use the images on your poster, or...
  • Find Creative Commons or other openly-licensed images to use.

UD Research Poster Templates

How-to Guides

Undergrad Research Symposium Poster Template (34"X46")

Traditional Research Poster Templates

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