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Ebook Central - Downloading, Printing, and Copying: Downloading to a Mobile Device

Personal Ebook Central Account

You will need a personal Ebook Central account in order to download books. Follow the following steps to create an account:

1. Click on the "Sign-in" tab

2. Click the "Create an account" link.

3. Provide username and password (password minimum 5 characters).

4. Provide basic identifying data, including first name, last name and working email address.

5. Click the "Create New Account" tab.


Reader Downloads - Mobile

In the Ebook Central online Reader, users can download a book for offline reading on either their tablet or phone (iOS and Android are supported) using the independent, highly rated Bluefire Reader for mobile devices (freely available for iOS devices in the App Store and for Android devices in Google Play). As a result of utilizing the Bluefire Reader, we have retired our mobile apps.

When on your mobile device - and in the Ebook Central online Reader or on the book Detail page - you will be guided through the streamlined 3 step download flow for mobile.

Downloading to a Mobile Device