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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)

Databases by Subject

Once you have a general understanding of your topic, searching in subject databases will help you find relevant, specialized sources that address specific facets of an interdisciplinary topic. You can start by browsing this list and selecting subject databases to search. To find databases on other topics, browse the full list of databases by subject.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be useful for finding scholarly journal articles, books, dissertations, and technical reports when you're having trouble choosing the right terms to find what you need in subject databases. As you know from using Google, you will get some fairly relevant results no matter what you enter into the search box.

Google Scholar Search

So why do librarians recommend subject databases over Google Scholar?

  1. Subject databases come with detailed descriptions of the content included. Google does not.
  2. Subject databases reveal how search results are ranked in terms of their relevance. Google does not.
  3. Subject databases offer specialized features that help both beginning researchers (e.g., limiting by source type) and advanced researchers (e.g., discipline-specific search fields). Google does not.