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Research Data Management

Data Repositories

A data repository is simply a place to store datasets for the long-term. Using a repository or archive to store your data (versus simply hosting it on your website) facilitates its discovery and preservation, ensuring that it will be found by others looking for data and that care will be taken to preserve the data over time.

There are thousands of data repositories, often for a specific subject or type of data, and many organized by universities or scholarly organizations.

For subject data repositories, please also visit your discipline's research guide or contact your subject librarian directly. Note that some subjects may not have discipline specific repositories.

See the Open Data tab for other repositories

Open Data is part of the broader Open Access movement, promoting the idea that research, especially publicly funded research, should be made widely available. This allows for more and more rapid development and dissemination of knowledge.

Open Data is data that is permanently and freely available for the world to use, allowing for maximum exposure and benefit from current research.