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Research Data Management

Meet the Research Data Steering Group...

Research Data Steering Group's (RDSG) goal is to improve coordination and outreach of Library services for research data management needs of University of Delaware faculty, researchers, and students. The RDSG focuses specifically on research data: its management, description, sharing and preservation.

Whether you are just beginning your research or have been working on it for the past 15 years, RDSG can meet with you to discuss your specific data needs. Email or fill out the RDSG Consultation Request Form to schedule a consultation. 

Daniel Peart

     Data Services Librarian

University of Delaware Library Digital Scholarship & Publishing Department  |  302-831-0480

Daniel has trained researchers on data management strategies, data analysis techniques, and the integration of qualitative and quantitative data into analytical computer models. Daniel enjoys working with researchers to overcome data challenges. His education agenda emphasizes best practices for data management and data ethics to promote information literacy.

Sarah Katz

     Health Sciences Librarian

University of Delaware Library | Research and Engagement Department  |   302-831-6306

* Assistance with using the DMPTool (Data Management Planning Tool)
* Data management instruction and outreach

Sabine Lanteri

     Science Liaison Librarian

University of Delaware Library | Research and Engagement Department  |  302-831-6945

Sabine can advise on research data management best practices, working with the DMP Tool for data management planning, and questions relating to data repositories.

William Simpson

     Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Math Librarian

University of Delaware Library | Research and Engagement Department

wsimpson@udel.ed|  302-831-0188

William is the liaison librarian to the departments of mechanical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, physics & astronomy, and mathematics. My area of focus in on the RDSG is assistance with submitting research output to UDSpace, the University of Delaware Institutional Repository or, alternative discipline specific digital repositories.

Kaitlyn Tanis

     History and Social Sciences Librarian

     University of Delaware Library | Research and Engagement Department  |  302-831-1728

Kaitlyn can help researchers in the humanities and social sciences learn research data management practices, navigate the data landscape (including finding datasets), and identify data repositories. 

Alison Wessel

     Social Sciences Librarian

University of Delaware Library | Research and Engagement Department | 302-831-1730

Alison can assist individuals with locating research funding, navigating the social science data landscape, and identifying subject-specific data repositories. 

Michael Stewart

     Metadata Librarian

University of Delaware Library | Cataloging and Metadata Department  |  302-831-1513

In addition to the creation and remediation of metadata for resources at the Library, Museums and Press, Michael collects and standardizes metadata from a wide variety of institutions for inclusion in regional and national aggregation projects. They consult on implementation of metadata schemata and controlled vocabularies as well as reparative approaches to remediation and regularly host workshops centered on data cleanup and documentation.

Paige Morgan

     Digital Publishing and Copyright Librarian

University of Delaware Library | Digital Scholarship & Publishing Department and Digital Collections & Preservation Department  |  302-831-7153

* Consulting on copyright and licensing for scholarly output
* Assistance with publishing agreements and rights management