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Sport Business Management

Finding Articles

Library databases can help you find articles about topics related to sports management. The subsequent sections of this guide provide lists of databases related to various areas of sports management.

Database Search Tips:

  • Enter your search terms on the advanced search screen to allow for maximum control of your search. 
  • Put quotation marks around words that you want to keep adjacent to one another such as "social media" 
  • Combine your search terms with the connecting words "AND," "OR," and "NOT." 
  • Use OR to designate synonymous or interchangeable words that are acceptable in your search results. Put terms connected by OR in parentheses if you type them on one single line.

Example 1: sports AND “social media”

In example 1, you will receive search results with the word sports and the phrase social media appearing somewhere in the article.


Example 2: (finance or financial) AND sports AND (intercollegiate OR college)

In example 2, you will receive search results with the word finance or financial and the word sports and either the word intercollegiate or the word college somewhere in the article.  This would be an ideal time to also consider requiring that the search terms appear in the abstract of the article.   

  • The advanced search screen allows you make specifications such as requiring that your search terms appear in the title of the document or the abstract of the article.  This will help you obtain a smaller and more relevant list of search results.
  • In most cases, the advanced search screen also allows you to select whether or not the search results must be scholarly or peer-reviewed and if the results must be published within a specific date range.

In addition to providing you with articles about sports management, library databases, such as Westlaw Campus Research, can provide you with proposed and enacted legislation related to sports.