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Text Mining Methods and Tools

Text Mining Tools

AntConc is a downloadable tool for collocation (analysis of words that appear together), word frequency analysis, and more.

ConText is a downloadable tool for part-of-speech tagging, network analysis, topic modeling, and more. 

Overview Docs
Overview is a tool for clustering, named entity recognition, and more. The web-based version no longer exists, but you can run the program locally. 

Voyant Tools
Voyant is a web-based platform with many text analysis tools, that include visualizations. It is recommended for beginner use, as the interface is intuitive and rich visualizations make it easy to interpret a text corpus. 

Learning Resources

Antconc Tutorial on the Programming Historian
Lessons on the Programming Historian provide detailed walkthroughs on various tools. Antconc (mentioned above) is a useful tool for more in-depth analysis. 

Text Mining: A Guidebook for the Social Sciences by Gabe Ignatow & Rada Mihalcea (authentication required)
An introductory textbook on using text mining in social sciences.