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EDUC 618 - Intro to School Psychology

Systematic Review Worsheet

The worksheets linked below are to help you develop your own systematic way of searching the literature. The OR statements can be copy-pasted into most databases to create a larger search statement. I recommend keeping a record of your searchers so you can reproduce them later as you work on your writing. 

Systematic review worksheet - This worksheet was created in Google Docs, so you'll need to log into a google account in order to make a copy and edit.

Example systematic review worksheet - This is an example of the completed systematic review worksheet.

Note taking for writing

In my writing, I use a spreadsheet approach to manage both my notes and my citations. You can see an example of this method here. If you'd like to duplicate my method, you can use this blank spreadsheet template as a starting point. 

Saving Search Results

If you record your searches in a search record document, you may want to also link to the search results that were provided for the specific search. This will allow you to review them as a team, and make changes as needed without re-creating the entire search. Here is where to find the permanent URL for a search in many of our databases:

EBSCOhost Databases: (ERIC, Education Source, Family and Society Studies, etc.)

Screenshot of an ebscohost search screen with black arrow pointing to the "share" menu and a second black arrow pointing toward the "use permalink" option.


ProQuest Databases: (ERIC, Sociological Abstracts, Theses and Dissertations, PsycInfo, etc.)

Screenshot of ProQuest Database search result with black arrow pointing to the "save search/alert" menu and a second arrow pointing to the "get search link" option