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Assignment Packages

Digital Timeline Assignments

The TimelineJS Assignment Package contains the following materials: 

  1. Learning Schedule - scaffolded instruction with suggested timing of introducing concepts, and ideas for activities to reinforce that week's lesson
  2. Assignment Description - detailed description of a digital timeline assignment to include in your course syllabus 
  3. Grading Rubric - rubric for evaluating digital timeline assignments upon completion
  4. Storyboard Worksheet - a template for students to sketch out their timeline before they start putting content into the tool 
  5. Data Template - Google Sheets template needed to put content in the tool. To view the tutorial as timeline and not a spreadsheet, click here
  6. Help Sheet - troubleshooting guide for making an effective digital timeline 

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To integrate a TimelineJS project in your course, reach out to the Digital Initiatives and Preservation Department ( for support. 

This assignment package was published in the Digital Library Federation Pedagogy Group's Toolkit Volume 3. Read the published version, which provides more context on the lessons and includes relevant literacies.