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Assignment Packages

Digital Timeline Assignments

The TimelineJS Assignment Package contains the following materials: 

  1. Learning Schedule - scaffolded instruction with suggested timing of introducing concepts, and ideas for activities to reinforce that week's lesson
  2. Assignment Description - detailed description of a digital timeline assignment to include in your course syllabus 
  3. Grading Rubric - rubric for evaluating digital timeline assignments upon completion
  4. Storyboard Worksheet - a template for students to sketch out their timeline before they start putting content into the tool 
  5. Data Template - Google Sheets template needed to put content in the tool. To view the tutorial as timeline and not a spreadsheet, click here
  6. Help Sheet - troubleshooting guide for making an effective digital timeline 

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To integrate a TimelineJS project in your course, reach out to the Digital Scholarship and Publishing Department ( for support.