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COMM 309: Introduction to Public Relations

PR in the Revolutionary War

Throughout history, people have used public relations to sway public opinion and influence others to act.  Below you will find examples of public relations being used to change the course of U.S. history. 

Example 1:

See how the “Coercive Acts,” a series of punitive measures passed by the British Parliament in retribution for the Boston Tea Party, are rebranded by American colonists as the “Intolerable Acts,” to garner support for the perspective that British rule could no longer be accepted. This brief video culminates in an evaluation of the personal motive that many of the founding fathers had for pursuing independence.  It was Patrick Henry’s use of the single word “American” in his statement, “I am no longer a Virginian, I am an American” that most strongly highlights, and influences others to see, the need for unity if independence was to be won. 

Read more about events leading to the Revolutionary War here.

PR in the Civil Rights Movement

Example 2:

Learn about the ways that PR was used to tailor messaging and garner support during the Civil Rights Movement.  Not only was careful thought given to crafting messages to the public, but finding the right messengers was also essential in building support.