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ACCT 425:The Capstone Project Assignment

Contents for Your Research

Types of Contents to be used:

All the contents must be published materials.  Use only scholarly/peer reviewed works such as journal articles, books, reports, etc.

Credibility of the information:

All contents must come from credible sources. These are the characteristics for determining credible sources:        

a.  The texts are written by respected authors;

b.  Generally accessed from academic databases and sources;

c.  Information from the websites belonging to educational and governmental institutions (Look for websites ending with...Edu and .Gov);

d.  Articles from Google Scholar are acceptable;

e.  Limit to information published within last 10 years (for research where currency of information is required).

Evaluate your sources of information:

There are five criteria to consider when evaluating the credibility of information: They include: Authority; Currency; Content; Accuracy; and Bias.

Authority: Look at the authors of the text.  Who is the author(s)? Are they experts in the field/the topic? Have the authors been cited by other authors in the field?

Currency: This examines when the article/book were published. Is the publication date right for your needs? Do you need current or historical information? The age of the information cited in the article/book?

Content: This look at how relevant the information is to your topic? Is the target audience appropriate? Is the article/book written in an academic or scholarly language?

Accuracy: It looks at how adequately the authors explained the research methodology used? Can you verify the accuracy in other sources? Is it peer-reviewed?

Bias: This examines if the research was sponsored by an organization? (Note: Organizations may have motives). Is the author trying to sell or push a product or service? Do other authors agree with the author's point of view?                                                              

For more information on how to evaluate the source of information, see the library research guide -- Evaluating Sources.