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ACCT 425:The Capstone Project Assignment

Recommended Sources for your contents

The Library Home Page:

For this assignment, always start your research from the Library homepage.  All the materials provided through the Library have been carefully selected to meet the standards required for scholarly and academic research.  

Books and General Research: 

The DELCAT Discovery provides one-stop search access to over 220 million items from UD Libraries and libraries worldwide as well as more than 530 million references to journal articles. Conduct a subject search on the DELCAT Discovery to get books on your topic (example: SU: xxxxx). To get books on a topic such as the History of Accounting Statements, enter (SU: Accounting Statements and SU: history). To limit the results to books, look at the left side of the page, and select books from the format section.

Databases for Journal Articles:

The databases provide a well organized access system to information across discipline than search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The University of Delaware Library subscribes to many databases that are accessible from the Library database page. These databases are listed in alphabetical order (A to Z) and cover many subject areas. Your research topic and subject areas will determine which database to use.  Use the “Browse by Subject” option to select the appropriate database for your need. Here are selected list of subject databases as example: