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Visual Literacy


  Creating Graphics for Learning and Performance: Lessons in Visual Literacy

  by Linda L. Lohr






  Reading the Visual: An Introduction to Teaching Multimodal Literacy 

  by Frank Serafini






  Teaching, Learning, and Visual Literacy: The Dual Role of Visual Representation

  by Billie Eilam







  Teaching Visual Literacy in the Primary Classroom Comic Books, Film, Television and Picture Narratives

  by Tim Stafford






  Visual Literacy for Libraries: A Practical, Standards-Based Guide

  by Nicole E. Brown, Kaila Bussert, Denise Hattwig, and Ann Medaille






  Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials

  by Gillian Rose

  (newer edition available)





  Visual Literacy: Writing about Art

  by Amy Tucker 





You can identify the original source of an image by doing a reverse image search. Reverse image search can be useful when trying to locate information about the creator, creation time, and attribution of an image.