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Visual Literacy

Learning Resources and Services at UD

Time is of the essence when you teach a semester-long course, and sometimes it is a struggle to plan something new into the syllabus. The staff at the library and museums are here to help you reimagine the need for visual literacy in your classroom.












At UD Library, Museums and Press, we offer a wide range of resources and learning supports to help the UD community and learners engage with visual learning through our diverse collections and special exhibitions. Learners from all ages and levels of classes will find opportunities to experience, research, and be inspired by visual resources across time and from around the globe.

Engaging with visual materials can cultivate your ability to ask questions and see and think differently. Regardless of your field of study, enhancing visual literacy can promote immersive attention and active learning for students and curricular innovation for faculty and instructors. To further support UD teaching members, staff at the library and museums galleries are here to help you with the following:

  • Planning a lesson in the museum exhibitions
  • Creating a class assignment that involves institutional collections
  • Helping with selecting works of art or collections for a focused session in the study rooms
  • Facilitating a workshop or teambuilding event

To better envision your class engagement with visual learning, check out the list of museum learning outcomes.

Check out our past and current exhibitions, or visit our galleries in person to learn more about our visual literacy learning support. 

Activities and Assignments











Visual literacy learning is more than lecture and show-and-tell!

At the library and museum galleries, librarians and staff can help you plan interactive learning sessions, design activities based on learning goals, and create authentic assignments. Wondering what that looks like? Check out the following list for sample lesson plans and activities:

Need help implementing lesson plans and activities? Want to know more about what we can offer? Contact me!