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EDUC 867-011: Survey Design for the Social Sciences

Mental Measurements with Tests in Print

Mental Measurements with Tests in Print is a database that outlines the scope, focus, cost and access options for validated test instruments. It does not have the full text of tests. Most of the tests included have a fee associated with them, but they have all been validated. 

If you know the name of a survey or test instrument, you can search by name for a review. However, if you don't know the name, these are the two the most effective way I've found to search:

Option 1:

Search with broad terminology for the topic or population you're interested in researching such as self-regulation, achievement, preschool, etc.

screenshot of mentla measurements search bar with the phrase "self-regulation" in the search field.

Option 2:

Choose a test category from the limiting section of the search screen to see all tests in that group

Screenshot of Mental Measurements search interface with Test Category box highlighted and black arrow pointing to the search button.