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COMM 212: Public Speaking & Professional Presentation Guide

Types of Presentation Aids

Presentation aids often come in the form of photographs, charts, graphs, brief video clips, and audio files.  The Library has a number of collections and resources that provide existing presentation aids and/or allow for the creation of customized presentation aids.

ArcGIS, available in the Student Multimedia Design Center, provides digital  mapping.

Google Earth Pro, accessible on the computers in the Student Multimedia Design Center, can be used for quick research or to create maps.

Additional Resources

One Button Studio

Get the most out of in-class speaking by doing a trial run in the Student Multimedia Design Center's One Button Studio so you can review what’s working – and where you might improve.  Students call (302)831-8832 or stop by the service desk to reserve space in the One Button Studio.

Writing Centers

The University Writing Centers offer free one-to-one tutoring, providing all UD students with the opportunity to work on and improve their writing.

Make an Appointment at One of the Writing Center Locations:

  • Multimedia Writing Center - Morris Library Room 017 (photographed above)
  • University Writing Center - Memorial Hall Room 016

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