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Finding Biotechnology Books

Using the Catalog to Look Up A Book

To find a book it is best to start by searching in our catalog DELCAT Discovery for books, media, and journals held by the University of Delaware as well as items held by libraries around the world.)

Searching DELCAT Discovery

You can search by key word, author, title, or subject in DELCAT Discovery.   Subjects can be very helpful in focusing a search.  The best way to find applicable subjects is to look in the subject headings listed in your results.  Below are a few examples of subject headings in biotechnology:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Genetic Engineering
  • DNA-Protein Interactions
  • Nanotechnology

Note that subject headings often have several additional qualifying subject headings, allowing for very specific description of what a title is about.

Be sure to click on the "Holdings" link within the item's record to see if the item is checked out of the library, and to locate the item's call number.  For more information about how to locate a book in the library using a call number, please see How To Read A Call Number.

DELCAT Discovery is an exciting new kind of catalog system which combines items held by the University of Delaware Library and items held by libraries around the world.  Therefore, using this resource opens up many new collections for you to search.  It can be searched simply, as one might use an online search engine, and then results can be manipulated using facets such as author, format, date, or topic.  Many records in WorldCat local are linked to online previews of the items, making it easy to determine if the item is relevant for your needs.

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