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Locate some basic information on nursing theory

Finding Books

In order to locate books on nursing theory or nursing theorists, use DELCAT, the Library catalog. You may also use WorldCat Local.

To find books about a specific theorist, use the theorist's name (Neuman).  You will retrieve a list of books authored by the theorist as well as those written about the theorist.

To find information about a specific theory, search using the specific theory name, (Neuman systems model).

Sample subject terms that might be of use when searching DELCAT or WorldCat Local are:

nursing theory nursing models
nursing theories nursing philosophy
Neuman, Betty M neuman systems model
King, Imogene general systems theory
Orlando, Ida Jean nursing systems

Database Searching for Nursing Theory

Utilize the following databases to locate research articles on nursing theory and nursing theorists.

  • Conduct a subject or keyword search to obtain Nursing Theory or Nursing Models for a general subject search and overview on the topic.   
  • Conduct an author search to obtain articles written by a specific nursing theorist using the subject, keyword or author fields. 
  • Conduct a subject  or keyword search on the exact theory you are researching (Neuman Systems Model, Nursing Process Theory)  

Nursing Theory Websites

Use the following websites to find preliminary information on nursing theory located on the web.