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OverDrive eBooks and eAudiobooks: PCs & Macs

Getting Started

Step 1: Obtain an Adobe ID or Amazon account.

Step 2: Install software: Adobe Digital EditionsKindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.

Step 3: Check out an eBook from OverDrive eBooks.

Step 4: Download the book and enjoy!

Obtaining an Amazon Account

A free Amazon account is required to log in to a Kindle or Kindle Reading app and use OverDrive eBooks on computers and portable devices.

To create a new account go to and mouse over Hello-Sign In-Your Account (top right). Click Start Here (under the yellow Sign In button) and follow the instructions.

To associate the account with a device, go to Menu, Settings, Registration and log in.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

To download Adobe Digital Editions on a computer, click the Adobe Digital Editions button in the Getting Started box at OverDrive eBooks or go directly to the Adobe Digital Editions website.

Choose Download Adobe Digital Editions. Click Download Now (top right under Next Steps) and then Launch.

Users without an Adobe ID who plan to authorize multiple computers and/or portable devices should click Get an Adobe ID Online when they see the Authorization screen and follow the instructions provided.

Obtaining an Adobe ID

A free Adobe ID is required in order to use the OverDrive Media Console app for portable devices and to install Adobe Digital Editions on multiple computers and/or devices (up to six). Go to, click Sign In and follow the directions.

Checkout & Download EPUB eBooks on a PC or Mac

Go to OverDrive eBooks.

Search or browse for an eBook. Find a title that has an EPUB or PDF eBook format available. (Most people prefer the EPUB format.)

Browse or search by title, subject, or author. Find a book that has the Kindle format or EPUB format available.

  1. Browse or search by title, subject or author and find a Kindle format book.
  2. Select Borrow.
  3. Sign-in with a current UDelNet ID and password.
  4. Click on Download  and then select EPUB or Kindle Book.
  5. Click on Confirm & Download. You will be redirected to Adobe Digital Editions or the Amazon site.

Don't Have a Device? Try OverDrive Read

OverDrive Read is a simple way to enjoy eBooks using a web browser. There are no apps to download, no software to install, just click ‘Read’ and start reading. The book opens in a web browser, complete with the navigation controls found on any dedicated eReader.

Returning an EPUB or PDF eBook Early

To return an EPUB or PDF book early, open the bookshelf window that displays the titles checked out from OverDrive eBooks.

Depending on the version of Adobe Digital Editions, either mouse over the top corner of the book image and click the arrow that appears or right click on the book image. Select Return.

Returning a Kindle Book Early

OverDrive eBooks can be returned early using the Your Kindle Library section of Manage Your Kindle on

  1. Find the eBook on the list of items. 
  2. Locate the Actions pull-down menu to the right. 
  3. Choose Return this Book from the menu. A Return Loan Confirmation box will ask for confirmation of the return.