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Delivery Services

What is the Article DELivery Service?

Through the Article DELivery Service, Library staff will scan articles and book chapters from items in the University of Delaware Library print and microform collections.

How does it work?

Eligible users will see an Article DELivery Service request option in their ILL accounts.  This form may be used to request journal articles or book chapters from items held at the University of Delaware Library.

Requests may also be placed by searching in Library databases and submitting the PDF Request form, or by clicking the "Request a Book Chapter" or "Request a Journal Article Scan" buttons in the item record. Collections Sharing and Delivery staff will copy articles and book chapters requested on this form.

Who is eligible?

The Article DELivery Service is available only to users who have a valid University of Delaware ID card and are eligible for University of Delaware Interlibrary Loan services.

How long does it take?

Most articles are made available electronically within 2 business days.

Limits on Article DELivery Service requests

The Library has established copyright guidelines for the Article DELivery Service based on the copyright law of the United States and current practices in other academic libraries. The Library will not scan:

  • More than one chapter from a book
  • More than one article from a journal issue
  • Articles or book chapters that are longer than 60 pages

Users who wish to view more than one chapter from a book or article from a journal issue are encouraged to visit the Library to use these materials in person.

Items available electronically in a University of Delaware Library collection will not be delivered through this service. Requests for electronically-available materials will be cancelled. CSD staff will provide instructions by email for retrieving the requested item.