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BUAD475: International Marketing

Country Information

Global source for market and product information. Includes industry data, country reports, reports on the key issues affecting international market performance, company profiles, and a comment section comprised of articles and presentations on key themes and discussion topics around the dynamics of the market sector. An all-around excellent resource for international business-related information. 

Includes information and data on U.S. and International companies, news, industries and market analysis. The Country Insight Report provides details analysis of each country covering business environment, the economy, risks, opportunities and economic outlook etc. 

Provides information on the history, people and society, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Sources for  business-related information regarding a specific country

Doing Business provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies. The series is a valuable introduction to many aspects of doing business in over a hundred countries. It includes general information on countries in individual volumes, as well as such topics as foreign investment incentives, restrictions on foreign investments and investors, the regulatory environment, banking and finance, labor relations and social security, accounting principles, the tax system, taxation of corporations and individuals, and more.  Covers 2004 – 2020.

Provides information intended to assist individuals looking to do business in a particular nation. Also, has general background information on countries, coverage includes specifics regarding: Selling U.S. Products and Services, Leading Sectors for U.S. Export and Investment, Trade Regulations, Customs and Standards, Trade and Project Financing and more!

Primarily for information for exporters of U.S. goods and services. Provides links to the homepages for U.S. Commercial Services offices in countries around the world.

Free access to detailed global trade data. UN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables.

An annual title from the OECD.  It provides a global overview of major economic, social and environmental indicators, in a range of user-friendly formats.

The official global chamber directory, with over 12,000 chambers representing more than 40 million member businesses and boards of trade worldwide. Keyword search by typing in country name, industry, or product. From the listed results, selections provide group’s description and activities, plus contact information and web page.

Covers from 1996 to its final edition in 2016, KPMG's Competitive Alternatives study provided independent analysis of the major costs and other factors that impact site location decisions.  Compare business locations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America for more than 100 cities from 10 major countries based on biannual studies. Measures the combined impact of 26 key business cost components and their variation by location. The study also compares data on a variety of non-cost competitiveness factors.

Macroeconomic statistics, but essential information for investing or engaging in a long-term business strategy in a foreign country.