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Environmental Humanities

Searching for Books

Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases.

"sea level rise"

  • Capitalize Boolean logic connectors (AND, OR).

"hurricane maria" AND colonialism

  • Combine the operations as you would construct an equation.

"nuclear weapons" AND (effects OR impact)

  • Click either "Explore editions and formats" to view all library holdings for a particular title.
  • Items at UD appear first in the list of search results. Other items can be requested via interlibrary loan.

Key Subjects

One traditional tool used by librarians to organize and provide access to information is a system of authorized subject headings. The list below provides some, not all, of the subject headings that are relevant to the study of environmental humanities. Just as the phrases "in art" and "in literature" add specificity to some of the headings listed here, you can combine others with a term like "history" or a geographical focus (e.g., "United States") to refine your search.