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ERC Collections

Organization of ERC collection

Searching for Materials

The best way to locate children's literature by reading level in the catalog is to rely on the subject headings and limit your search to the ERC. You can copy and paste the following searches into the ERC search bar. If you are looking for specific grade-levels, see the chart below for general guidelines. You can also pair these searches with various curriculum topics.

Search Grade Level
su:(beginning reader) Pre K - 3
su:(Readers (Primary)) Pre K - 3
su:(Readers Intermediate) 3 - 5
su:(Graphic Novel) Any
su:(picture book) Pre K - 1
su: (Young Adult non-fiction) 5 - 9
su: (Graphic non-fiction) Any
su:(JUVENILE FICTION Readers Chapter Books) 5-9


When searching curriculum materials, you'll most often be searching for a call number designation along with the topic you'll be teaching in the ERC search bar.. 

Search Subject Area
Math or Math-P Math
SS or SS-P Social Studies
SCI Science
EC Early Childhood
BIGBK Big Books
su:(curriculum) Curriculum Planning
su:(common core) Common Core Standards
su:(lesson planning) Lesson Planning/ Curriculum alignment


To locate manipulatives, you'll need to type Manipulatives in the ERC search bar., then limit your search to objects using the Format limits on the left hand side of the screen. 

To search for tests and assessments, type TEST into the ERC search bar, then limit your results to kit in the format menu. You can consider adding terms to your search to narrow the results such as vocabulary, language, achievement, reading, intelligence, comprehension, etc.