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Film Studies

Finding Books

Where are the Film Studies Books Located?

Books in the library are grouped together by subject.  Most Film Studies books are located on the second floor of the library within the PN1993 - PN1999 section.  Because Film Studies is an interdisciplinary topic, it is likely that you will find other locations reflected when searching the Library's catalog.  Here is how the PN1993 - PN1999 section of the library is divided. 

PN1993 - Periodicals. Societies. Serials.

PN1993.3 - Yearbooks 

PN1993.4 - Museums, archives, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

PN1993.5 - Dictionaries of film

PN1993.5 - History of film by country

PN1993.9 - Competitions, prizes, etc.

PN1994 - General works on cinema

PN1995 - General special: film criticism, aesthetics, etc.

PN1996 - Authorship, scenario writing, etc.

PN1997.A1 - Collections of plays, scenarios, etc.

PN1997.85 - Film and video adaptations

PN1998 - Biography

PN1999 - Special corporations

Outside of the PN1993 - PN1999 range, the following are some other areas of note:

PN2287, PN2308, etc. - Individual actors and actresses

TR848 - Cinematography.  Motion pictures.  History

TR849 - Individual cinematographers

Finding Film Studies-Related Books

How Do I Search for a Book on a Film Studies-Related Topic?

Many of the Library's books pertaining to Film Studies can be found in the PN1993-PN1999 section, which is located on the second floor of Morris Library.   You can go into the stacks and browse these areas, but because the library's collection is so large, it is often more efficient to search for a title within the catalog first, and then look around that title for other books on the same topic.

Using a Catalog to Look Up A Book

To find a film studies-related materials, you may search 

DELCAT Discovery

Results will include books, media, journals, and articles held by the University of Delaware Library, as well as items held by libraries around the world.  Items held by other libraries can be requested via Interlibrary Loan.  If you would like to limit your results to University of Delaware Library holdings only, toggle the "Libraries to search" field directly underneath the search box to 'University of Delaware Library'.


You can search by key word, author, title, or subject.   Subject searching can be very helpful in focusing a search.  Below are a few examples of subject headings used in books about Film Studies:

  • Motion Pictures - Plots, Themes, Etc.
  • Motion Pictures - Germany - History - 20th Century
  • Film Adaptations - History & Criticism
  • Women in Motion Pictures
  • Documentary Films - Production & Direction

Note that subject headings often have several additional qualifying subject headings, allowing for very specific description of what a title is about.

Be sure to click on the "Availability" link within the item's record to see if the item is checked out of the library, and to locate the item's call number.  For more information about how to locate a book in the library using a call number, please see How To Read A Call Number.

Please note:  If DELCAT indicates an item is shelved in the Library Annex, you can place an online request for those items, which will be retrieved and held for you at the Morris Library Help Center.


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