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Film Studies

Database for Film Studies

Databases organize, or index, information on many journals and the articles published within those journals.  Databases can be the most efficient way to search for research on a topic.  The following database indexes Film Studies-related journals:

Multidisciplinary Databases of Interest

Biographical Resources

Arts and Humanities Databases (with Film Studies content)

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary field.  The following databases, while not specific to Film Studies, can be helpful when researching in this field:

Searching for Print Journals

If you come across articles that are not available in full text via Get It! or in the database that you are searching, you can check to see if the library has a print copy of the journal which contains the article you are seeking.  To conduct a search for a journal, note the journal's title, year, volume, and issue.  Then, head to the library catalog, DELCAT, and search for the journal by title.  (ex:  International Journal of Educational Research).  

When you have located the record for the journal that you are seeking, click "holdings" to see if we have the journal for the year in which the article you are seeking was published.  If you need help with this process, please ask for help at the reference desk or by using our Ask A Librarian services.