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Foundations and Grants

Welcome to the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network!

Funding Information Network by Candid

The University of Delaware Library is a partner of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network, which has more than 400 locations throughout the world. As a network partner, we  provide databases and other materials designed to assist organizations in locating potential funding sources. The Foundation Center, whose central office is located in New York City, has an excellent website Candid Learning that provides a good orientation to its products and services and serves as a gateway to Internet resources related to foundations and grants.

Grants Databases

Before approaching a funding agency, make sure you understand its funding priorities.  Use databases to identify funders who are interested in giving to causes similar to yours and also to your geographic area.  Once you've identified several funders, study them more carefully by looking at their websites, their publications, newspaper articles, and their tax returns.

Access for Members of the Community

Foundation Directory Online Essential




Community members not affiliated with UD may now access the essential version of the Foundation Directory Online from home.  Contact Alison Wessel at to get remote access to this database or to assist you with funding searches directly.

Quick Look-ups

Need to find an email address for a foundation? Try the free version of the Foundation Directory Online.  Additional information about foundations may be found using the paid version of the Foundation Directory Online Professional database.

FDO Quick Start