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Library, Museums and Press Grant Training


The mission of the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press (Library) is to inspire “the intellectual, scholarly and creative achievement of University and global communities with expert staff, excellent service, dynamic learning spaces and access to diverse collections and information resources.” Developing the collections, services, and initiatives in service of this mission is challenging but rewarding work. The resources to accomplish this mission come from a variety of sources: the University’s budget, donor contributions, and grant funding. 

The process of securing grant funding is complex but achievable. The Library Development Ambassadors Committee has created this LibGuide to:

  • encourage participation and brainstorming from staff at all levels of the Library

  • increase transparency about the grant process

  • introduce resources to help staff interested in grants to navigate the process

  • connect staff with valuable support available within the Library and University communities, including the Library Development Ambassadors Committee. 

The Library Development Ambassadors Committee