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Library, Museums and Press Grant Training

Generate Your Idea

Have you identified a need in your work area that could be improved with funding? Funders are looking for unique projects that align with their missions, so it is your goal as a grant seeker to make a convincing argument that your idea is exactly what they are looking for. In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify a powerhouse idea that matches the strategic initiatives of the Library, Museums and Press. Participants will learn how to assess the need for funding, collect and analyze literature and data related to the need, assess feasibility and uniqueness, and secure necessary partnerships.  Before leaving the workshop, participants will write and share a concept paper for their grant idea. 

This workshop is the first in a five-part series for a small cohort. 

Concept Paper

​​​​​​A concept paper…

  • is a summary of what you are planning to do in your project 
  • focuses your project idea to cover the appropriate scope of goals and activities, and to share with your colleagues;
  • is a useful tool for sharing ideas with potential partners;
  • allows you to get everyone on the same page from the beginning;
  • enables you to garner support for your work well before you have a final proposal ready to share with others.


Individual copy of a concept paper outline