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HIST104: World History

This guide was created for Dr. John Davies course.


Welcome to the Research Guide for HIST104: World History! On this guide, you can find resources directly related to the topics you have been asked to research this semester. Use the navigation tabs on the side to help you find relevant sources. 

Still having trouble locating primary sources (or anything)? Feel free to email me for more help. 

What are scholarly sources?

Is this peer-reviewed? I can't tell...

1. Limit your search to peer-reviewed articles only within DelCat (our catalog) and in databases! Sometimes this is referred as a scholarly article. 
2. Some databases have a link that will tell you more information about the journal, including if it is peer-reviewed!
3. Search for the journal title online and look at the publication process for submission...Does it say peer-reviewed in the description? Does it state a submitted article will go to readers? 

4. Peer-review generally is applied to articles and not books; however, books published by university presses almost always undergo a peer review process. University presses generally have two to three independent reviewers take a first pass through the book, then the press' editorial review board does a final review. You can find out who the publisher is for a book by going to DELCAT, clicking on the title of the book then scroll down to the page to find the section that says "Publication."

5. When in doubt? Talk to a Librarian! 

Secondary vs. Primary Sources