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International Students and Scholars

Welcome to the University of Delaware Library!

The content in this guide is subject to temporary modifications due to COVID-19.  Please visit the Library Support During COVID-19 page for full details.  

The University of Delaware Library is pleased to welcome international students and scholars and to assist them with their research needs. While the University operates in a remote environment due to COVID-19, Library staff are available virtually to help. Visit the Library Continuity Page for assistance.

The University of Delaware Library operates on the concept of an open stack library system. This means that one can go into the stacks (or aisles where the books are shelved) and personally locate books, browse them to see if they are what is really needed, and then check them out at the Help Center without a delay in waiting for them to be retrieved by library staff.

Due to COVID-19, physical browsing of books is suspended. However, users can Browse the Shelf (Virtually!) and submit requests for books needed using the Library Pickup Service.

The University of Delaware Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize its book collection. The first letter of a book's call number indicates the floor on which the book is located. All call numbers begin with one or more letters followed by numbers (Example: LB2376.4 .C65). The books are organized by their subject content. Once a book on a particular topic is located, other similar books should be nearby in the stacks.

Library Fast Facts

The University of Delaware Library has:

  • Over 2.8 million books and bound periodicals
  • Over 3.4 million microforms including U.S. patents
  • Over 42,000 electronic and print journals including newspapers to which the Library provides access
  • Over 6,700 linear feet of manuscripts and archives
  • Seating for over 2,500 persons in the Morris Library