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MATH308: Historical Development of Mathematical Concepts and Ideas

Contains background information, major areas of research focused on chronological, geographical or thematic fields. Includes important books, journals and databases in the Morris Library collections.

Getting Started

This course guide was created to provide students who are enrolled in MATH308: Historical Development of Mathematical Concepts and Ideas with a starting point for their research assignments.

These reference sources may help you find good information for MATH308. This guide is by no means comprehensive; rather, it is intended to serve as a starting point for your research and assignments. For further assistance, contact William Simpson, the subject librarian for mathematics.

Essays on the History of Mathematics

Monthly essays on mathematical topics published by AMS columnists.

Math Art -- Scott Carter

Image by Scott Carter -- USA Mathematics Faculty Member

Women's History Month - profiles of the first graduating class of women mathematicians from Princeton and twenty-seven contemporary women in math.  Published in Notices of the AMS.

Black History Month - This month, Notices of the AMS celebrates 10 decades of Black mathematicians, making contributions to a range of research in the mathematical sciences.

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