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MUSC618: Vocal Literature II: Opera

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Recommended Search Strategies

Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases (e.g., "opera production" or "Metropolitan Museum Journal").
  • Using the truncation symbol (*) is a useful feature in DELCAT and other databases. For example, wom*n will find woman or women; opera* will find opera, operas, operatic, etc.
  • Use the facet bar on the left side of your results to further refine your search.
  • Use the Browse the Shelf feature on the detailed record to simulate to browsing in the stacks to find other books of interest.

Suggested Searches


verdi otello
su: opera italy
su:Opera Production and direction History
opera singing
opera in the 19th century

Locating Books

Where are the music books located?

Most books about opera and related subjects are located on the 3rd floor of Morris Library within these call number ranges: M1500-M1527 (scores), ML47-ML50 (librettos), and ML1700-1706 (books about opera).

 M - Music - printed music, scores

  • M1500 (Opera - full scores);
  • M1503 (Operas - vocal scores with piano reductions);
  • M1505 (Operas - song selections, full scores);
  • M1506-M1507 (Operas - song selections, arranged);
  • M1508 (Operettas, musicals, and musical revues);
  • M1509 (Operatic scenes);

ML - Literature on music

  • ML47-ML54 (Librettos);
  • ML48 (Librettos, collections, 2 or more composers or authors);
  • ML49 (Librettos, collections, 1 composer or author);
  • ML50 (Librettos, separate works);
  • ML1600-ML2881 (Books about secular vocal music);
  • ML1700-ML1800 (Dramatic music, opera, musical theatre, etc.);
  • ML1900-ML1950 (Operetta, musicals, etc.);

MT - Musical instruction and study

  • MT820-MT915 (Singing and vocal technique);

 Important:  Some music books are considered oversize (designated as Folio or Folio+). All oversize books are located on the Lower Level of the Library.