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information about how to search for books related to music

Finding Music-Related Books

How do I search for books on a music-related topic?

Search DELCAT to find library resources related to your research topic. Details on how to best search DELCAT for books, ebooks, articles, videos, peer-reviewed materials, and more are located in a regularly updated guide. It includes tips on searching and new features that were included in the new system update in June 2023. 

The New DELCAT Research Guide

Locating Books

Where are the music books located?

Books in the library are grouped together by subject.  Music books are located on the third floor of the library within the M section.  The M section of the library is divided as follows:

 M - Music - printed music, scores

  • M5 - M1480 (Instrumental music);
  • M1495 (Collections of vocal music);
  • M1497 - M1998 (Secular vocal music);      
  • M1999 - M2199 (Sacred vocal music);

ML - Literature on music

  • ML47 - ML58.4 (Libretti);
  • ML100 - ML109 (Dictionaries, encyclopedias);
  • ML159 - ML3785 (History and criticism);
  • ML3805 - ML3820 (Physics and acoustics; physiological aspects of music);

MT - Instruction and study, music education

  • MT170 - MT810 (Instrumental techniques);
  • MT820 - MT915 (Singing and vocal technique);
  • MT918 - MT948 (School music)

 Important:  Some music books are considered oversize (designated as Folio or Folio+). All oversize books are located on the Lower Level of the Library.

What about eBooks?

The Library provides access to more than 500,000 eBooks.  The books can be identified in DELCAT, but you will have to choose the limiters of "Available online" and "Books":

The two eBook collections listed below may be of particular importance for music research, but they do not represent all eBooks available through the UD Library.