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NURS111: Nursing 111

Course guide for NURS111 Students

Conducting Research

There are a variety of types of resources you can use in order to locate relevant research material. Determine what type of research (books, articles, reviews, case studies, videos) you require and then search the appropriate resource. If you are searching for books, search DELCAT Discovery). Searching for articles? Take a look at one of the databases listed below for nursing. Depending upon your research topic, it may be necessary for you to look in resources that are not nursing specific, but rather more general health or science based databases.

Sample search: 

Does early intervention or exposure have any impact on the severity of peanut allergies in children? 

Term 1 OR Concept 1 OR Synonym 1 Term 2 OR Concept 2 OR Synonym 2 Term 3 OR Concept 3 OR Synonym 3
Peanut allergies OR nut allergies OR nut allergens children OR toddler OR child Early intervention OR early exposure 

Finding Articles

Other Health Science Resources

Evidence Based Nursing

Using these steps makes it easier to apply current quality evidence from research in clinical and healthcare decisions.

  • Formulate answerable clinical questions   
  • Search for the best evidence
  • Critically appraise the evidence
  • Integrate evidence into practice
  • Evaluate the results
  • Disseminate the evidence

A commonly used format for creating a clinical question is known as PICO(T) which refers to:

P =Patient population of interest

I =Intervention/issue of interest

C =Comparison of interest

O =Outcome of interest

(T =Time)

Example: Among the elderly, can yoga help reduce accidental falls? 

P = Elderly

I = Yoga

C = Patients not doing yoga

O = Reducing accidental falls

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