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Primary Sources in The Arts in Special Collections

About the collection

The traditional performing arts – dance, music, and theater – are well represented in Special Collections' print holdings and manuscript and archival collections. A number of primary collections focusing on institutions, organizations, and individuals involved with these arts are housed in Special Collections. In accordance with the Library's collection strengths in twentieth-century American literature, our holdings include the works of such noted playwrights as Tennessee William.

From the collection

Print of Karsh’s 1956 portrait of American playwright Tennessee Williams (1911–1983) signed by Williams.

Select bibliographies

Listed here are bibliographies of resources in Special Collections pertaining to theater and drama. Please note that the items listed in the bibliographies represent only a small portion of materials on drama, playwrights and theater held in Special Collections.

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Visual material

In addition to manuscript and archival collections, Special Collections also holds a variety of visual materials, including photographs, etchings, artwork, and graphical ephemera such as book jackets and posters, as well as other related materials such as cartes-de-visite.

Prints, Photographs and Images (PPI)

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