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Teaching and Learning Committee - Online Teaching Toolkit

Teaching with LibGuides

Why Teach with LibGuides?

LibGuides, simply put, are webpages. However, LibGuides are distinct from our public-facing Library, Museums and Press websites. Those webpages contain general information, departmental messaging and policy-related material. LibGuides, in comparison, are more detailed pages devoted to specific topics or course-related materials.

After some initial training and practice, the LibGuides platform becomes an easy way to assemble topical, subject-related or course-connected sites for your instructional needs. As with any webpage, there are user-experience conventions and accessibility standards to implement (seen below in the Tools section). However, as is also the case with web design, LibGuides is a very flexible platform to encompass a wide variety of information and media.

The vast array and scope of LibGuides at the University of Delaware can be seen here.


Questions about LibGuides? Please contact:

Maria Barefoot - LibGuides Administrator
Kaitlyn Tanis - LibGuides Co-Administrator

Tools & Resources

Learn how to create a LibGuide from scratch from the platform development company, Springshare.

Best practice recommendations from University of Delaware's LibGuides Advisory Team.

Step-by-step guide for converting older LibGuides to the recommended UD TEMPLATE.

Various steps to embed a guide into Canvas.