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Teaching and Learning Committee - Online Teaching Toolkit

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UD Capture Space

UD Capture Space is the University’s platform for video sharing. UD Capture Space is integrated with Zoom and Canvas, allowing you to easily record videos in Zoom and share them with students in Canvas. Zoom recordings can be automatically saved to the cloud as well as UD Capture Space and Canvas. You can do minor edits, such as trimming and splitting clips, within the UD Capture Space platform.

UD Personal Capture (Kaltura Capture)

In addition to using Zoom to create videos, all UD faculty and staff have access to Kaltura Capture (branded as UD Personal Capture). Kaltura can be downloaded for free and is a simple tool that allows you to simultaneously record your screen and yourself. Once you have finished your video in Kaltura, it will save to your My Media section of UD Capture Space. From there you can share the individual video with faculty and students, or you can create a channel with multiple videos and share access to the channel.

Captioning in UD Capture Space

Once you've uploaded your video to your My Media, you can make captions and a transcript available. Below your video, you should see "Details," "Share" and "Actions." Click "Actions" and then "Caption & Enrich." On the next screen, you can order the captions, and the status will change to complete when they are ready. Once your captions are finished, you will need to review them and correct any mistakes. Click the pencil icon to open the caption editor. You can adjust the text as well as when the captions will appear on the screen and for how long. Once you save, a transcript will be available below your video, which can also be downloaded.

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